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Opportunities to Teach: Partnership for Success

Back in November when we started StirStix Coffee Roasters we knew that this business would be such a great opportunity to provide our kids with a vast amount of learning about entrepreneurship.  There are so many valuable lessons right there for our kids.  How to start a business, grow it and run it.

Beyond business basics we look for character building coaching opportunities as well.  As we grow as individuals and as a business we are training our D6 Team on what it means to be a small business in support of other small businesses.  One of the Twin Cities newspapers, The StarTribune, published an article about one of these lessons that we have been teaching our kids during COVID 19: Do whatever you can to help somebody else succeed. 

We love working with Ox and Crow and are grateful that even in these trying times we have solidified a wonderful working relationship with them and look forward to working together long into the future.