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Our Team: The D6

When we're not on the ice we are usually enjoying family time together. Our business minded family set out on a new adventure this year - starting a coffee roasting business.  

Jeremy, our team coach and head roaster, has a solid sales background and is an expert in the craft of roasting coffee. He loves bringing out the optimum flavor while roasting coffee beans. Marlene, co-coach and lead of operations, has a background in education and business. These two coaches are an unstoppable force!

The players on our team include Jack, Mitch, Jett & Juliana. Each has been in skates since they were two years old and each have the drive to work hard and learn. Jack, a natural defenseman and former goalie, leads his siblings with his entrepreneurial skills - setting up countless lemonade stands and raising funds for causes close to his heart. Mitch, currently playing wing, is eager to learn the science behind the roast. He is a quick study and an excellent roasting apprentice. He loves to learn the business and is always inspired to sell, sell, sell. Jett & Juliana joined our team about five years ago and are a natural fit. They bring spirit, excitement and are very inquisitive. Jett is in his fourth year as a mite hockey player.  His consistency and determination are his keys to success. He cannot wait to help with operations! Look for his hard work in the packaging department. Juliana, our strong figure skater, is detailed and independent. She looks forward to working in the operations department too - adhering labels and adding special touches to each order.